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Introduction to Control Systems and LQR Controller
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e-Yantra MOOC is an online platform developed to offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for individuals from varying backgrounds. We encourage interested students / working professionals to take advantage of the courses.

Introduction to Control Systems and LQR Controller

In this MOOC students will learn to model and analyze non-linear dynamical systems, assess stability, perform state space analysis, and design optimal controllers using the LQR method, with practical implementation on Cart Pendulum based control systems problem statement in Python environment. They will gain hands-on experience in solving equations, calculating Jacobians, and working with system matrices.

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eLSI: Basics of Embedded Systems and Robotics

The e-Yantra course for the eLSI (e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative) focuses on the fundamentals of Embedded Systems and Robotics. This course aims to provide participants with a foundation in Embedded Systems and Robotics, enabling them to understand and work with the core concepts and principles.

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Introduction to IoT

This course will look into the essential knowledge required to build an IoT system; broadly speaking, the system will have a microcontroller, sensors, actuators, and wireless module. Anyone and everyone who is interested in understanding how to build a basic IoT system must have a basic knowledge of “C” programming.

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Crash Course on Embedded System and Robotics

The course covers basics of Embedded Systems and Robotics. You will learn important aspects of programming the popular ATmega2560 microcontroller in a fun hands-on manner.

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Online Certified Software Foundation Course (Part I)

The course covers Linux OS, Bash scripting, RegEx, SED, AWK, Git version control, Python, web-scrapping and many more to the learn the basics of software foundation. The content is offered as a part of M. Tech. course under CSE Dept., IIT Bombay.

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Disaster Management Informatics

Disaster Management (DM) Informatics course invites students to first understand aspects of DM, getting practically trained in use of tools such as Spatial Databases and GIS systems.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The course will cover what it takes to be an Entrepreneur, the importance of Ideation, who is your Customer and what solution can be a minimum viable offering. The importance of Entrepreneurial ethics will also be briefly covered.