Course Plan

With a programming based approach, this course is designed to take you through the basics of Embedded Systems and Robotics. The goal of this course is to cover - Getting started with C, Masking and Shift Operators, Embedded C programming, Register manipulation, Interfacing of IO devices (such as switch, sensors, buzzer, motors), Analog-to-Digital Conversion(ADC), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Interrupts.

With reference to manuals and datasheets, you will extract data to write drivers and firmware for devices.

Course Syllabus

Section 1

  • Getting Started with C
  • Masking and Shift Operators
  • Get familiar with software

Duration: 3 Days

Section 2

  • Getting started with Embedded C Programming
  • I/O Interfacing - LED, Bar-graph LEDs and Switch

Duration: 3 Days

Section 3

  • ADC in ATmega2560
  • Sensor Interfacing

Duration: 3 Days

Section 4

  • Interrupts in ATmega2560
  • Motion Control and Motor Interfacing
  • DC Motor Control using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), and External Hardware Interrupt
  • Speed control of Robot

Duration: 3 Days